About Us

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

If your business has a digital presence that needs some TLC then we’re the crowd to do it. Lightbulbs go off in our heads at all times of the day and we want to share our inspired creativity with you. Our technical knowledge is off the charts and our support staff will be with you throughout the digital journey. Say hello to...

Meet the Team

Allan Sloan

Technical Director
Developing Cyclist

Martin Duffy

Head of Microtech Digital
Ex-footballer and Aspiring Mo Farah

Dani Horton

Senior Graphic Designer
Supplier of Silly Hats

Scott MacKenzie

Front-End Developer
In-House DJ

Laura Kelly

Finance Director
Show me the money

Jessica Taylor

Graphic Designer
Photo Dapht

David Mill

Web Developer
Sci-Fi Fan

Lisa Parker

Marketing Manager
Long-Suffering Football Fan

John Brown

Rubik's Cube Solver

Victoria Clark

Sales and Marketing Executive
Dedicated Scottish Rugby Fan